BEAMS Arts Festival in Chippendale

Chippendale, near Sydney Central Station, is a tranquil suburb full of surprises and hidden away from the noise of the city. There are several outstanding arts houses there, including NG Art Gallery, White Rabbit Gallery, DNA Projects, Galerie Pompom, MOP Projects, MCLEMOI Gallery, The Commercial and Pine St Creative Arts Centre. It seems over the time Chippendale has grown ‘into a thriving community of production houses, art galleries, eateries, artists, architects and designers’. To celebrate this ‘creative pulse that flows through’ the suburb, the Chippendale Creative Precinct (CCP) was established, and it hosted the first BEAMS arts festival this year in Chippendale.

The arts festival presented contemporary art works of more than 250 artists, in various forms such as lights, videos, dances, sculptural installations and live music. The entire arts festival was outdoor, and installations used the original environment of Chippendale neighbourhood.

The festival started at 5.3opm. I walked there with my friend after visiting the White Rabbit Gallery nearby. The day was still bright when we arrived there so we got to see the “real” look of some installations before lights and and the night put magic on them.

This was a light installation when the day was still bright.This was how it looked like when the night came and the light was on.

This was a brilliant performance of Brazilian martial arts, Capoeira. Notice that they do lots of swings with their legs. I thought those movements was to show off how flexible and nimble they were. Later I learned that in the history people practising this martial arts had blades attached to their ankle so every swing of legs was actually an attack like wielding a blade. Capoeria was developed by African slaves who were sent to Brazil by Portuguese colonists as  ‘a tool with which an escaped slave, completely unequipped, could survive in the hostile, unknown land and face the hunt of the capitães-do-mato, colonial agents armed and mounted in charge of finding escapees’ (wikipedia).

When the night came, the celebration began:

There was a hip-pop dancing ground. A friend performed there with his group as well.

Fantastic dancing performances at the hip-pop battle ground

An artist was demonstrating and promoting how you could grow organic vege anywhere at anytime, even in your handbag when you walk down the street.


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