A Walk To The Beach In The Rain

The pouring rain has not stopped for almos a week in Sydney. Also for the exams I’ve spent days and nights in the house, on my desk. In case I was gonna sit my ass off like this, I ran out for a walk to the beach as soon as a bit of clear sky broke through nimbus briefly.

I picked up the route passing through two parks rather than the one on main road. The air was fresh. Vision was particularly clear. No single person was in the park. Colour stands out. Little animals swaggered out at ease. After days of heavy rain, deep puddles were everywhere on the road. Probably it’s because of the reflections on rainwater that the light feels unusually beautiful. I splashed through deep puddles like a kid (or a puppy lol) rather than walking on the soft mud.

a bird was looking for something under the puddle.

The park was very tranquil.

Beautiful reflections on the puddle

I guess it’s a landmark of the reserve or something like that, on the main road between two parks.

And look at what I found on the way – a travelling circus!! I’ve experienced traveling acrobatics groups in China often when I was a kid. However I never got to see a western-style circus in real life. Especially this one I found was so unexpected, looked so plain and normal, standing there quietly – this atmospheric scene speaks the ethos of folk culture, if my imagination about traveling circus isn’t too wrong. lol The horses kept besides the tent of the circus.

After the rain the light felt unusually crystal and beautiful.

After passing through two parks, it started raining again. I pulled up my hood and enjoyed cool raindrops on my face.

To Sydney residents those old houses with exuberant gardens might be nothing noticeable. But to me, who came from an ugly Chinese town, the architecture in the quiet residential suburbs of Sydney is a remarkable thing. (By the way my hometown is ugly indeed, with heavy pollution and chaotic city development. I can’t find neither a sense of culture nor a sense of modernisation in my hometown)

My gut feeling tells me that this dog has an artistic character lol. Look at the way how he/she enjoyed details in the life.

It was raining for most of the time when I was at the beach. Manly beach is often bustling with commercial activities, surfing fans and tourists due to its fame. In a rainy day like this it still looked lively, with a characteristic of perseverance. I hardly saw any people hanging out for fun but people walking, jogging or surfing in the rain. The waves were big and strong as you can imagine. There was one blond guy in a surfing suit with his six or seven friends talking and laughing out really loudly on the pavement. Eventually, under his friends’ laugh (or encouragement) he came down to the beach and stared attempting big wave surfing. I watched him rise and fall as a tiny black dot on white breaking waves til the day grew dark.

There was a brief break of clear sky through nimbus.

There was something haunting about watching and listening to long and high waves rise and fall. I love it.

On my way back I did some grocery shopping and walked home in the rain.


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