Saturday Night – Stu Hunter’s The Muse at Venue505

Last night, despite my illiteracy in jazz/blues, my musician friend invited me to a live Jazz night at Venue 505 where Stu Hunter, with Jonathan Zwartz, James Greening and Simon Barker, performed his début album The Muse.

Stu Hunter is a Sydney-based pianist/composer who released his début Jazz album The Muse in 2007, followed by The Gathering in 2010. Both albums are highly acclaimed, especially The Gathering, which received Australian Independent Music Award for Best Independent Jazz Album and Bell Award for best contemporary jazz album in 2010. It seems he has been in cooperation with many masters in Jazz of creating more than 60 CDs, though he never released any work under his single name before The Muse (read the review of “The Muse” on Sydney Morning Herald)

Click here for more taste of his music.

Two things I feel sorry for last night –

One is that I can’t listen to music like how I read a book. I consider myself having good senses in “feeling” music, but I’m absolutely blind to “material structures” of music (e.g. things like composition). Therefore when I listen to music it’s about how I feel connected to the music rather than how I’m impressed by “technical details”. Often I space out and have my little stories running in my head while enjoying the music. If I don’t feel connected my stories would go broken poorly all the time. With The Muse last night there were lots of connections going on, and my state of emotion rose and fell according to how the music led my story smoothly. The Muse itself was enchanted with strong emotions – delight, upset, ecstatic, anger, peace, melancholy … Whilst the music took surprising turns frequently, my story had to face up the changes just like how we met unexpected challenges every day. As for “technical” analysis, all I could understand from my friend’s comments was that The Muse has many styles at different phrases. For example at one point of time it sounded very classical, and at another time it was African-American styled. Anyway, we both love the music. On stage the musician said that playing The Muse, after 5 years of its releasing, made him reminisce about how many things have happened since then – he met a beautiful girl who is his wife now and designed the cover for The Gathering; They had a baby …

The other thing is that I didn’t bring the camera with me. The venue, which is called “Venue 505”, has interesting indoor decor. At one side of the room the entire wall is painted with graffiti, whereas at the other side the wall is pained with geometric figures in a simple color. At the bar decorations like Japanese paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling add a bit oriental feeling to the overall modern and hippyish style. Another interesting thing I notice is that the number plate is a toy figure of Astroboy (Tetsuwan Atom, from a famous Japanese manga).

After the music, with my friend we chatted for a while, had dips plate, and red wine. The conversation with friends who are much older than me is always pleasant, encouraging and inspiring. I find focusing on others is a very rewarding experience. As long as I pay attention and I’m patient, there are always so much interesting information from a person. And as long as someone can put things down on paper, the stories behind a person always sound awesome. Therefore I’m thinking, one day when I have enough skills in communication and connecting to people, I want to write down stories of all the random people I encounter on daily basis.  And I want to turn this recording of people into a journal/blog of other people. I’ve been writing journals/posts about my interests, my lives, my feelings and so on for many years, and now I want to change that. I want to write about others rather than myself.

Anyway for now let’s be back to my Saturday night. On our way home it started raining. Many aggressive, or confused drunker people were swearing or screaming in CBD at late night. When we walked past a bunch of aggressive and wasted young people, my friend held my hand … And we walked like that until we had to say goodbye.

Eeeeeeeeer? @_@ I guess the friendly night turned out to be a bit too romantic…


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