Vivid Sydney Festival – Energy, Inspirations and Celebrations.


Sometimes I wonder what the hell I could be upset about in my life, when I’ve got to experience a stunning and magical event like Vivid Sydney Festival once a year.

During the festival, artists and designers turn the landmark buildings of Sydney, such as Opera House, Common House and MCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts), into canvas of immersive and creative light projections.
Light projections on the Opera House

Light projections on the Opera House – a girl is dancing/stretching

Light projections on the Common House – about busy daily lives in the city

Lights in the MCA – party is yet to start and
Light projections on MCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts) – inspiring the energy of our body and mind.

Along the walk from Circular Quay to The Rocks, there are abundant small-scale, individual light installations, such as fire-red igloo, a huge chandelier, a glass fountain and so on. Street artists and musicians of course wouldn’t miss out such an opportunity of celebrations. Colours, music, cheerful noises and rays of lights crossing each other from projectors illuminate the central city.

The light installation “Chandelier”, and the Rocks besides it appears almost magical

Light installation “The Fire-red igloo”
Light installations “Apple trees” (I made up this name …)

“magical cubic” (again I made up the name…)
(I’m a magician: time-travelling!)

(I’m a magician: Fire!)

A relatively tranquil side of the city apart from dazzling shafts of lights

the vibrant side of the city illuminated by dazzling lights.

You could enjoy the essence of the festival by simply strolling around the Rocks and Circular Quay, or you could explore it further down to the performances inside Opera House. For about half a month when the festival is running, every day Opera House or other venues feature all sorts of programs, such as plays, dancing and concerts by celebrated artists, besides public forums, talks and debates on global and social issues. A few public parties would be held in a classical setting inside Opera House as well.

To sum it up, I’ll just borrow words from the introduction on its official website :
‘Colouring the city with creativity and inspiration, Vivid Sydney highlights include the hugely popular immersive light installations and projections; performances from local and international musicians at Vivid LIVE at Sydney Opera House and the new Vivid Ideas Exchange at the MCA featuring public talks and debates from leading global creative thinkers.
Vivid Sydney is a major celebration of the creative industries and the biggest festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting over 400,000 attendees in 2011.
Now heading into its fourth year, Vivid Sydney was ranked in the Top Ten global ideas festivals by the influential Guardian newspaper in the UK.’

I went to see the festival with Nik at its opening, which was about 2 weeks ago (25/May/2012, Friday). Thanks for Nik and his Nikon camera D90, I was able to capture the incredible night scenic of Vivid Sydney festival. After the walking we went to a bar at the Rocks. There the paintings hung in the lounge room, illustrating naked couples making love, are done by a local artist. When I walked out the bar I noticed a gallery bearing the artist’s name right next to the bar – I shall check it out next time.

Go back to the topic about Vivid Sydney festival. After seeing all those amazing projects, I have to ask myself:
What the hell could I be upset about? Not to mention such an amazing experience, there are people struggling at the bottom line, starving, fighting, dying … Life is too dazzling to turn my attention to my trivial issues. My responsibility is to live well and make every minute count for the fortune I was born with.

That’s my inspiration. That’s my celebration.



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