the quiet place

the quiet place.

Half a month ago while I was still on my vacation in China, I encountered this interesting site at google chrome. “The Quiet Place” is a clean site with simple words in black on a pure white background. This site helps me to meditate, stop procrastination, regain focus on tasks and, most importantly, take a break from the buzz of all sorts of ways of social communication – twitter, facebook, google+, flicker, whatsapp, weibo, qq, or even just simple messages.

Here I will give some examples of what you can find at “The Quiet Place”:


Wow have you noticed how many things require your attention?

Try to be patient

Just a couple of minutes.

Just to clean your head for a while.

We forgot to take a break from time to time …

A real break

You keep burdening your mind with all of those meaningless little things

… meaningless little things …

A little advice: from time to time, stop everything you do, and go to your quiet place.’


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