Brief reviews about recent movies that I’ve seen

Shame: Despite that it’s difficult to hold on the theme of “Shame”, the warm lights of scenes are beautiful, the performances are engaging, and the sadness is penetrating, deep and aching.

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo: When I watched Swedish “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” in 2010 (I guess) I ran out of the cinema with my auntie because the raping scene was just too disgusting. This time I could enjoy the English version of this film so much only because I watched the film by “other means” and I could skip the scene abt sexual violence. As a thriller the new version of “Dragon Girl” is very good at “playing the heart with beats”. Yet the romance between the girl and the journalist is lovely and cute. In the end it’s a a bit sad to see the girl ride away in the darkness. I wish in the coming episodes the girl and the journalist (somehow dumb yet cute) will be able to celebrate Christmas together. :(

The Artist: 人物的表演力强,剧本精简清晰,好几处对于角色内心世界的表现场景设计得非常出色!话说原来以前看默片顺带还欣赏管弦乐队的表演,真不愧是过去的年代…

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